Parking Citation Disputes

Administrative Review/Dismissal of Parking Tickets Allegedly Issued in Error

Review of Parking Tickets Without Court Appearance: The Court Clerk’s Office is accepting tickets for review by the Court without requiring a court appearance under the following circumstances:

  1. Typographical errors entered electronically or through a kiosk.
  2. Proof of payment for the time-period and zone in question.
  3. Problems with inspection stickers from windshield replacement
  4. Parking permit pass with proof provided.
  5. Paying for the wrong zone but displaying the proper times.
  6. Handicap parking with proof provided.

Individuals contesting tickets which meet these criteria can present the ticket to the Court Clerk’s Office with appropriate proof of the claimed error. If provided to the Court Clerk’s Office, your name and contact information including: phone number and address must be completed for submission purposes. 

Personnel in the Court Clerk’s Office and the Village Clerk’s Office will determine whether a contested ticket meets the above criteria.  Tickets accepted by the Court Clerk’s office for review are not considered dismissed, and individuals challenging tickets will be notified by phone of the Court’s decision or if further action is required.  The Justice Court will only keep electronic records of tickets reviewed in this manner.  All physical correspondence submitted will be returned to the Village Clerk’s office.

Ticket’s not meeting the criteria for administrative review may still be contested at regularly scheduled court dates. Regularly scheduled court dates must be referred by the Court Clerk’s Office, please be sure to ask when the next following court sessions are. Any issues regarding administrative review of tickets will be addressed to the Village Justice. 

You may disregard late payment warning letters from the Parking Authority while your matter is under consideration for administrative dismissal. If the Judge declines to dismiss your ticket administratively, you may then decide to either plead guilty and pay the original fine without late payment penalty or continue your plea of not guilty and go to an in-person court session.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Ryan A. Bates, Court Clerk, at (845) 358-4464.   

Disputing all other Parking Tickets:

Motorists may appear to a regularly scheduled court sessions, that may be routinely held on Thursday mornings, starting at 9:30am to engage in an Informal Hearing to the circumstances of the ticket in question.  Please be sure to bring all related documentation on with you.  To ensure court is held on the day you wish to appear, we recommend you check the court schedules for cancellations, hearings, trials, etc. that would affect the regular schedule. 

You do not need to wait for the date on your Parking Ticket Citation to dispute or pay.  You may pay the ticket after the first 24 hours of receiving it.  Just as you may attend an Informal Hearing in court as soon as the next available court date. 

Tickets that are delinquent may result in a vehicle in boot, being towed or impounded.  Debt collections and credit issues may also result in delinquent tickets.  Please be prompt in resolving tickets.  Some costs resulting in delinquencies cannot be waived.