Watermain Replacement Project

 Water Main Replacement Project

The Water Department and its consulting engineers are in the midst of a multi-million dollar upgrade of water lines and valves in the area of Central Nyack and West Nyack as well as certain streets in Nyack (S Mill, Prospect, High Ave). The engineering consultant is H2M and the contractor is GCE. The work involves replacing water mains and lateral lines, meaning excavations in the roadway. After excavations are complete, trenches are filled. The Department is collaborating closely with Clarkstown Highway around re-paving of trenches in Central Nyack, in compliance with its town issued permits for this project. The streets in Nyack will be repaved as part of the village’s annual paving program.

Central Nyack project update: 5/5/22 week of 5/9 work will include installation of an insertion valve, draining/cutting of the old water main on Waldron Ave, followed by milling and paving of water main trench according to town permits (town may delay this work to arrange for a more complete paving process). Next step will be restoration of the stamped concrete crosswalks. Dept staff, H2m and village officials met with town staff and officials on 5/4 to review project status. Department staff will present an update to Central Nyack Civic Association at next meeting on 5/19 in the community center.

Project Updates 6/9/2022

6/13/22  - High Ave GCE Contractor preparing for Tuesday shutoff for Cut & Cap of old water main on High Ave. There will be an interruption of service for all of High Ave. Approximately 4 hours. If any delays occur, water will be restored and work will resume on Wednesday. 

Nyack Water Customers: Would you like to have your home water sampled for lead & copper? Listen to the message for details: SAMPLE MY WATER

Project Updates 5/16/2022

Prospect Street work has been postponed until mid-week. Monday 5/16/22 & Tuesday 5/17/22  there will be work on High Ave at North Broadway on a fire suppression hook up. All other prior updates are still on schedule.

Project UPDATE as of 5/12/22: 

All residential service connections on Prospect Street have been completed. Starting Thursday 5/12 and Friday 5/13, crews will be exercising water main valves in preparation of cutting and capping the old water main on Monday, 5/16/22.
An interruption of water service on Prospect Street will occur on Monday to complete the crossover.
Waldron Avenue trenches have been patched with blacktop in preparation of full restoration.
Paving has started on High Street and will begin at Franklin St west to house #153. High Ave is scheduled for a full pavement replacement in Fall 2022.
On 5/16/22 a road opening will be made on Dickinson Ave, Central Nyack, in preparation to remove final portions of the old main, scheduled to start at 10:30pm.
A possible interruption of water service may occur overnight. 

Updates will be posted and residents will be notified of any interruptions. 
Any questions, please contact the Water Department at 845-358-0641

May 9, 2022: Work continues on service tie-ins on Prospect Street this week. High Ave is scheduled for pavement repairs on Wednesday or Thursday this week. The work on Dickinson Ave is scheduled to be completed overnight on May 17, 2022. 

Nyack project update: 5/5/22 work is taking place on lateral lines on Prospect St this week and next week.  

Breaking News: 5/5/22 The Water Department recently fixed a broken valve on Dickinson Ave, a process that involved a loss of water pressure and disruption in service for some homes. The team worked nonstop until 4:30 AM Thursday morning 5/5/22, replacing three malfunctioning valves. The Department thanks the residents for their support and understanding. Further excavation will take place next week to replace the last of the broken valves, without service interruption.