Village Clerk/Treasurer

The Village Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for the duties of the Village Clerk and Village Treasurer.  The Village Clerk is the custodian of the municipal seal, all meeting minutes, resolutions, contracts and archival records of the Village.  Responsibilities of the Village Treasurer include accounting and financial records maintenance, debt management, filing of required New York State financial reporting and the administration of Village payroll and benefits.  Additionally, the Clerk/Treasurer serves as the Receiver of Taxes, collecting and processing the annual property taxes of the Village. 

The office of the Clerk-Treasurer and Registrar is responsible for the storage and maintenance of all governments records.  The definition of a government record is any record that has been made, maintained or kept on file in the course of official business by either a public agency or an officer acting in his or her official capacity. 

A summary of the duties of the Village Clerk Treasurer are described as follows: 

  • Maintains a record of notices of defect as required pursuant to Village Law 6-628

  • Prepares Board of Trustees meeting agendas and records minutes of those meetings

  • May administer the oath of office to Village Officers

  • Files, publishes, and posts notices relating to resolutions, local laws, public hearings, open meetings and referenda

  • Complies with the notice and filing requirements for the Village Board

  • Notifies the proper State and municipal officials, as required by law, of certain village business

  • Serves as the point of contact for citizens with questions about the village

  • Serves as records coordinator

  • Keeps an accurate record of all village revenues and expenditures

  • Assists in the preparation of the annual budget

  • Prepares the annual financial statement

  • Prepares, collects and records annual property taxes

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