Memorial Park

The Hudson River shoreline is Nyack’s most treasured natural asset, and defines our unique identity as a waterfront Hudson village. Few towns have Nyack’s proximity and access to the Hudson – the river that has shaped the history of our community, and our country. Memorial Park was deeded to the Village of Nyack in 1935 by the Tappan Zee Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Park Association and is Nyack’s primary public access to the Hudson. This generous donation by veterans, and local families to commemorate the service and sacrifice of their children in defending our nation, is a sacred trust.

This endowment places in all of us a responsibility to create and maintain a park worthy of this gift. With the help of the Nyack Parks Conservancy and the Parks Commission we are working to ensure that the park’s ideals are realized so it can be a setting where citizens and visitors, young and old, of all backgrounds and abilities, can interact with nature and one another and enjoy the natural beauty and serenity of the Hudson River Valley.

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