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Housing Authority FAQ

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General Questions
What Affordable Housing Facilities Exist in Nyack?

Nyack is fortunate to have housing resources that provide alternatives for low-income residents. Affordable housing in Nyack consists of a combination of units owned by the Nyack Housing Authority (VONHA) and private landowners participating in housing programs funded by New York State (NYS) and the federal government under the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUD).

The Authority owns and operates Waldron Terrace for families and Depew Manor for senior citizens. Separately and not part of the VONHA are privately held facilities that operate under NYS and HUD housing programs which include Nyack Plaza, Nyack Point, and Tallman Towers

Who runs the Nyack Housing Authority?

Toni Keys is the Executive Director of the Nyack Housing Authority (VONHA). She is reports to the Nyack Housing Authority Board. Other employees include an Account Clerk,  a maintenance supervisor, three Housing Program Assistants, and three maintenance mechanics. The Mayor of Nyack appoints five of the seven VONHA board members who serve five year terms. Tenants of VONHA facilities elect two additional board members who serve two year terms. Tenants are consulted in the operations through both their tenant representatives and the open public meetings of the Authority. The VONHA board meets at 6:30 p.m., on the third Tuesday of each month. The Board sets policy and approves plans to be carried out by the staff. 

How many units does the Nyack Housing Authority Own?

The Authority owns and manages 2 facilities (total 164 units) exclusively for qualifying Nyack residents. VNHA serves as contract administrator for the section 8 program, funded by HUD. Nyack has had approximately 500 units of affordable housing since 1980 that range in size from studios to 4 bedrooms.

Who pays for this housing and the Nyack Housing Authority’s expenses?

Operating expenses for facilities owned by the Authority are paid by rents from the tenants in the NYS sites, from administrative fees earned by operating HUD programs, and from managing the 28 Leonard Cooke Pine Street Homes Apartments. The Village provides trash collection and street paving at no cost, along with the continued tax exemptions for Authority-owned facilities. Privately owned facilities are managed independently of the Authority. The portion of rent paid by tenants is based on income, and in cases where the tenant has a Section 8 voucher, the remainder is provided by a subsidy from the federal government.

Are there other facilities that the Nyack Housing Authority manages?

The VONHA receives funds from the federal government (HUD) to administer these government subsidized housing programs. The VONHA serves as contract administrator for Rockland Garden Apartments and manages Leonard Cooke Pine Street Homes.

Do other communities in Rockland County have affordable housing programs?

Yes – but none are sponsored by local government, and none are exclusively available to residents of a particular village.

Is there enough affordable housing for qualifying Nyack residents?

Eligible applicants for each program number well more than the total number of units in any program, so those interested in any of the programs operated by the VONHA should contact the office for additional information. Currently the Section 8 Housing Assistance program is open and accepting applications. Please contact the VONHA office. 

Will these units always be available for low-income people?

Facilities owned by the VONHA will always be available. However, the rents will continue to depend on the availability of government and other grants to supplement maintenance and operating costs. Units in privately owned facilities will continue to depend on the owners’ decision to participate in federal programs like HUD Section 8.

Who Qualifies for Affordable Housing?

While income ($35,500 limit or more depending on family size) is the primary criteria for affordable housing in Nyack, residency, age, citizenship and work status also affect eligibility depending on whether the assistance is from HUD, or the Nyack Housing Authority. Authority-owned units are exclusively for Nyack residents. Other programs give preference to Nyack residents.
The Housing Authority uses HUD definitions of low income which include Extremely Low, Very Low, Low and Middle Income. All are based on a percentage of the median income in Rockland County, and all rise with the number of people in the family. To be eligible for housing assistance, a family’s income must not exceed approximately $35,500, with exceptions for family size.

How does someone apply for housing assistance?

Applicants for HUD assistance, or VONHA housing can apply at the VONHA office at 15 Highview Court, in the Waldron Terrace complex. To apply for Nyack Plaza residences inquire at the lobby on Tuesday morning and Thursday afternoon. If interested in Rockland Gardens, call the managing realtor at (914) 356-2400 for information, however, currently, the Section 8 Housing Assistance program is closed and not accepting applications.

How can a landowner participate in HUD’s Section 8 program?

Contact Toni Keys at VONHA at 845-358-2476 ext 301.