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Traffic Court FAQs

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General Questions
What do I do if my license is suspended by the Department of Motor Vehicles?

If your license is suspended for failure to appear - this means you have to enter a plea to the ticket. You should contact the court for the best way to proceed.  If you have been suspended for failure to pay:  This means you have failed to pay the fine/surcharge amount that was assessed by the Court.  You should contact the Court for the exact amount that is owed after the suspension and make arrangements to pay. 

What is a driver assessment fee?

The driver responsibility assessment is a fee you must pay to DMV over a three year period if you are convicted of certain traffic offenses in New York State or accumulate 6 or more points on your driving record within 18 months. Contact the DMV at  for more information about this fee. 

Can payment be made over the phone or online?

Credit Card payments may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, online: Click here or by phone at: 1-888-912-1541

Why do I have to pay a surcharge?

The surcharge is a mandatory fee imposed by the State of New York that must be paid on every ticket conviction. 

Vehicle and Traffic

Traffic Court Schedule: Vehicle and traffic matters are heard on scheduled Thursday mornings various times throughout the year.
Traffic infractions pleas (non-criminal) should be answered by mail or dropped off at the Court in Village Hall. You should enter your pleas in the appropriate box on the summons and send it into the court by the date indicated on the summons. This applies only to traffic violations. If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you MUST call the court at (845)358-4464 to be informed of your scheduled court matter.

Not Guilty Pleas: If you submit a plea of Not Guilty on a traffic infraction you will receive a scheduled pre-trial conference date in the mail within a couple of weeks from your date of submission. If you have not received a letter indicating your court session, please call us at (845) 358-4464 to request the specific date over the phone.

Guilty Pleas: If you submit a plea of Guilty you will receive a fine and surcharge letter in the mail. Fines may be paid by cash, online payment (, money order, or certified bank check ONLY (certified bank checks and money orders can be made payable to the "Village of Nyack Justice Court"). If you are pleading guilty by mail, you may plead guilty with an explanation which will be taken into consideration by the Court Justice when assessing the fine and surcharge.

Adjournment Requests: Adjournment Requests are discouraged, however, if you must request an adjournment, they must be submitted in writing and RECEIVED by the court one week prior to the conference date. Letters must be received either through the mail (Postal not email) or in person. Be sure to place your name, date of birth, and contact information on any correspondence or adjournment requests submitted to the Justice Court.

The Justice Court will notify you via mail whether your adjournment request was approved or denied.  
If you fail to appear on your scheduled conference date, your driver’s license will be suspended.
Uniformed Traffic Infractions issued by police, require that the motorist must first submit the ticket(s) to the court with a plea by the assigned deadline stated on the ticket (Indicated as: "Must Appear in Person or By Mail") with a date and time assigned by the issuing officer. 
Please fill out Section A or Section B on each ticket infraction received, before submitting a plea, read the ticket in its entirety and be aware of which boxes are checked off on your traffic summons. 

NOT everything on a traffic summons may pertain to the motorist.  Uniformed Traffic Ticket (UTT) is meant to encompass Violations, Misdemeanors, and Felonies.  Once a plea has been received, the motorist will receive instructions on the next steps to be taken (ex:  Pre-Trial Conferences/Fine Due Dates). If you have any questions, please contact the Court Office at 845-358-4464

Parking Tickets

The Nyack Parking Authority issues Parking Tickets that help regulate safety and enforce the rules on the local roads of the Village. Enforcement tickets issued may include meter violations, expired vehicle inspections, double parking, loading zones, alternate side rules, no parking anytime, etc. Temporary Signs may be posted for street fairs, festivals, parades, construction, and road closures that may change parking rules. 

For rules and guidelines on parking in the Village of Nyack, or to inquire on the status of a parking ticket, please contact the  Nyack Parking Authority or directly at the Village Clerk’s office.   

Guilty Pleas: If you’d like to plead Guilty and pay for your parking violation, payment can be made online through the "I Want To" tab or in-person at the Village Clerk's Office. The Justice Court does not accept payments for parking tickets or fines.

Not Guilty Pleas: If you’d like to enter a plea of Not Guilty, please call the Justice Court at (845)358-4464 to be informed of the dates available for walk-in court sessions. Once appearing in a walk-in court session, you will be asked to Print your name legibly and then hand your ticket to the nearest Court Officer. The Judge will then be in receipt of you disputed parking violation and will call your name.
Submissions of Not Guilty pleas through email or mail will not be accepted by the Justice Court. 

The only method of formal dispute is through in-person scheduled court session; virtual court sessions are no longer allowed as per regulations imposed by Rockland County. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the Court at (845)358-4464.

For additional information on Not Guilty Pleas, please click here.

You do not need to wait for the date on your Parking Ticket Citation to dispute or pay.  You may pay the ticket after the first 24 hours of receiving it.  Just as you may attend an Informal Hearing in court as soon as the next available court date. 

Tickets that are delinquent may result in a vehicle in boot, being towed or impounded.  Debt collections and credit issues may also result in delinquent tickets.  Please be prompt in resolving tickets.  Some costs resulting in delinquencies cannot be waived.

Adjournment Requests:  Adjournment Requests are discouraged and may result in disputing additional late charges, however, if you must request an adjournment, contact the Court at (845)358-4464 for future available walk-in court sessions.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

The Court accepts Cash, Certified Bank Checks, Money Orders, and Online Payments ( as formal methods of payment. Fees for online transactions will be applied. The Justice Court does not accept credit or debit card payments in person. 

On March 23, 2023, the Board of Trustees of the Village of Nyack approved the following policy regarding loose change in order to maintain efficiency of staff time and better serve customers:

Penny – maximum of 20 Loose pennies – .20 Cents
Nickel – maximum of 20 nickels:                    $1.00
Dime – maximum of 10 dimes:                        $1.00
Quarter – maximum of 25 quarters:                 $6.25
Half Dollar – maximum of 10 half dollars:      $5.00

Coins rolled in paper sleaves are acceptable in any amount.