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Carl Washington
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Nyack Housing Authority

Chartered by the State of New York in 1960, the Village of Nyack Housing Authority (VONHA), a separate entity from the Village of Nyack which provides and facilitates access to affordable housing for the least financially fortunate of Nyack’s residents. The Authority owns and operates two facilities, Waldron Terrace and Depew Manor, which were built with funds and operating subsidies from New York State, and land, tax exempt status, and guaranteed services from the Village of Nyack. The Village acquired the land under “eminent domain” as part of a statewide Urban Renewal program.  VONHA also acts as property manager for Leonarde Cooke Pine Street Homes, a low-income housing complex located adjacent to Waldron Terrace.

In the last three decades, housing prices in Nyack and throughout the region have increased substantially, making it difficult for some residents and families to remain the area. Residents have indicated in survey after survey that it is the cultural and economic diversity of Nyack’s that make it such an desirable community in which to live. Affordable housing programs help the Village of Nyack retain its diverse population.

The greatest need of the Nyack Housing Authority is the support, advice and collaboration from the Village of Nyack, Nyack community, the New York State Division of Housing and Community Renewal, and the Rockland County Community Development Office.

Here are some facts to inform Village residents of the housing resources that are available to qualified applicants.

What Affordable Housing Facilities Exist in Nyack?

The Village of Nyack is fortunate to have housing resources that provide alternatives for low-income residents.  Affordable housing in Nyack consists of a combination of units owned by the Nyack Housing Authority (VONHA) and private landowners participating in housing programs funded by New York State (NYS) and the federal government under the Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUD).

The Authority owns and operates Waldron Terrace for families and Depew Manor for senior citizens. Separately and not part of the VONHA are privately held facilities that operate under New York State and Housing and Urban Development programs which include Rockland Gardens, Nyack Plaza, Nyack Point, and Tallman Towers.  

Description of Facilities

Village of Nyack Housing Authority

Waldron Terrace, located at Highview Court, in Nyack, was built in 1960 to accommodate 88 families. Depew Manor, on Depew Avenue, was built in 1965 to with 48 units. Waldron Terrace includes 8 four bedrooms, 32 three bedrooms, 31 two bedrooms, 11 one bedrooms, and 6 one bedroom handicapped-accessible apartments. Depew Manor has 24 studios and 24 single bedroom apartments, with a community center that is used by residents and non-profit groups throughout Nyack. Tenants pay the higher of 31 1/3% of their family’s income or base rents that range from $245 for a studio to $423 for a 4 bedroom unit. There is no operating subsidy from any source for these complexes, VONHA survives on rent received and grants. HUD Section 8 Existing Housing Program.  In addition to VONHA’s  NYS site-based programs, they act as contract administrator for the local Section 8 Housing Assistance Program offered by HUD.  VONHA administers a tenant based and project based vouchers which pays a portion of an eligible families’s rent (based on program rules and regulations) to participating landlords. Approximately 236 families or individuals are served by this program.

Other NYS Housing Facilities 

Nyack Plaza Nyack Plaza was built by the Robert Martin Corporation in 1980. The Plaza has a total of 173 units with senior housing in the elevatored tower at the corner of Depew Avenue and South Franklin Avenue. Family housing is spread between Depew Avenue and Hudson Avenue, to the south.

Rockland Gardens Rockland Gardens is owned by Alan Yassky, who signed a 30-year contract with HUD in 1980 to commit the facility to house low-income tenants. Located at the corners of First Avenue and Sickles Avenue on North Franklin Street, Rockland Gardens has 68 apartments in a mixed complex for senior citizen and families. Tenants pay 30% of their income, less HUD approved allowances for children, medical costs, etc. The Federal program pays the difference between this amount and the fair market value for the apartment. 

Board of Directors

Carl Washington, Interim Executive Director

Sonya Rogers, Chairperson 

Nicole Hines, Treasurer

Linda Pappalardo, Secretary

Drew Burke, Commissioner

Dara Joseph, Commissioner 

Donald Hammond, Commissioner

Raquel Rodriguez, Commissioner