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What are the hours for paid parking in Nyack?
Parking enforcement for the metered areas of the village is 10am - 7pm, Mondays through Saturdays. No charge for metered parking on Sundays and Federal Holidays.
How much does parking in Nyack cost?
Street Parking is $1.00 per hour (max 3 hrs) and Parking Lots are $0.75 per hour. There is a transaction fee of ($0.40) to use ParkMobile, and there is no transaction fee to use the Muni-Meter Kiosks.
How do I pay for parking?
There are a few ways to pay for parking in Nyack! Use the ParkMobile App for easy, contactless payment. ParkMobile is available in the App Store on your smart phone. Muni-Meter Kiosks are conveniently located throughout the Village and in parking lots. Just enter your license plate number and follow the prompts to pay for parking. Also available at the Muni-Meter Kiosks is the option for "Free 15 Minutes" more on this in the FAQs! You can find some old-style single head meters in some areas. Please note: these meters accept quarters only.
What areas are considered metered parking?
The downtown business area including some side streets, municipal parking lots, and Midland Avenue, in the vicinity of Nyack Hospital. Look for the ParkMobile signs and Parking Meters to confirm if you are in a metered area.
How do I know what "Zone" I'm in?
The ParkMobile app uses GPS for your location and a zone will pop-up on the screen. Please confirm that it is the right zone by locating a ParkMobile sign closest to your parking spot. On street parking for Broadway and Main Street is 7500. Please confirm all zone numbers in all other areas.
Are there time limits on parking?
On street parking is limited to 3 hours and parking lots are 9 hours. Once you've exceeded the maximum time, you will need to move your car. You can move to a new zone or parking lot and start a new parking session.
What is the "Free 15 Minutes" about?
"Free 15 Minute” Street Parking (not available in parking lots) is available at the Muni-Meter Kiosks. Just enter your license plate and select "Free 15 Minutes" and follow the on-screen prompts. "Free 15 Minutes" IS NOT available on ParkMobile. You can only use the “Free 15” twice per day per vehicle.
Where can I park for free?
At the River Space Parking Lot (Farmers Market Lot) you can park for one hour free on the east side of the lot in the 15 spots that are clearly marked "FREE ONE HOUR" in front of the supermarket. These spots are available for all visitors to anywhere in the downtown area. Where can I find free parking outside the downtown area? Other than the downtown, parking in Nyack is generally free in the residential areas, except on Midland Ave near Nyack Hospital. Once you go a block or two north of Main Street, or a block west of Franklin, you’ll find free parking on the side streets that is subject to overnight restrictions. Also, if you’re going to SoBro (the area in South Broadway near the southern end of the Village), you can park across the Village border at Cedar Hill Avenue, please follow posted regulations.
How to avoid getting a ticket!
Pay for “only a few minutes” parking. Pay for parking even if it's only going to be a “few minutes.” Don't risk it! Our Parking Authority Officers are on patrol during paid parking hours. A small payment can save you the hassle of a ticket! Some helpful tips to avoid user errors: * Know your license plate. Make sure you key in your license plate correctly in the ParkMobile app and at the Muni-Meter Kiosk. * Observe overnight parking rules and alternate side of the street regulations. * Parking Authority has an officer assigned during the overnight to enforce the regulations. *Pay for the correct car if you have more than one car on the ParkMobile App. *Allow ParkMobile Notifications on your phone. If you use the ParkMobile app, you’ll get notifications when the end of your paid parking time is coming close. So make sure you turn on the notifications so you don’t forget when your parking session ends.
How do I pay for a ticket?
Payment can be mailed, in person at village hall, or on the village website www.nyack-ny.gov look for the link under the "I Want To" tab on the homepage.
Got a ticket you think you don't deserve?
If you got a ticket you don’t think you deserved, you can dispute it with Nyack Justice Court. You will see procedures for disputing the ticket on your ticket, and can find more information on the village website: www.nyack-ny.gov. Follow for the link to Justice Court under the "Departments" tab. But before you dispute the ticket, please check to make sure of the following: Did you pay the wrong zone? Did you pay the wrong license plate? Did your paid parking time lapse?

Parking Violation Fine Revised December 2022

The Village has adjusted fines for parking violations for the first time in over a decade, in order to overcome a persistent parking authority budget deficit. Most importantly, the initial fine for basic meter violation is increasing from $15 to $25. Late payments for all types of violations result in increased fines. Besides the meter violation fine, all other fines (parking in a loading zone, fire zone, etc.) remain unchanged for the initial fine, but the late payment fines are increased, the intention being to incentivize on-time payment of the initial fine. Parking rules enforcement is essential to creating turnover in parking spaces, and therefore access to parking for those who need it, in addition to protecting traffic and pedestrian safety.

Monthly Parking Permit Fee Revised effective January 2023

The Village has adjusted Monthly Permit Parking Fees for the first time in over a decade, in order to overcome a persistent parking authority budget deficit.


Old Monthly Permit Fee

New Monthly Permit Fee

Permit Parking Village/Artopee Lot



Permit Parking Spear Street Lot



Permit Parking Catherine Street Lot