Parking Authority


Hours of parking meter enforcement 10am - 7pm, Monday - Saturdays. Sundays are always free.  

On-Street parking will be limited to a 3 hour maximum for the metered areas of Main Street, Broadway,
Franklin Street and Midland Avenue.

 Municipal parking lots on Artopee Way and metered side streets will offer
long-term metered parking from 10am to 7pm.

No parking between 3am - 6am in the metered areas of Main Street, Broadway and Franklin Street.

ParkMobile is the Village's mobile app for parking.  Park smart & contactless with ParkMobile. 
Payment by coin or card is also accepted at the munimeters and single space meters. 

News from the Nyack Parking Authority!

The River Space Parking Lot now has a “One Hour Free" parking policy for a select 15 parking spaces, including one handicap space. The "One Hour Free" parking spaces are along the east side of the parking lot.  Each "One Hour Free" space is clearly marked.  ALL other spaces are paid spaces between 10am - 7pm, Monday to Saturday.  Payment can be made with the ParkMobile app (Zone 7544) or at the parking muni-meter, located next to the kiosk at the NE corner of the parking lot. 

This policy is effective 8.30.23.

Application available here: Parking Permit
email us at
or call 845-358-3851 for more information.

Pay a Parking Ticket Online

Pay a parking ticket online here.
Review parking violation photos online

Parking Violation Fine Revised December 2022

The Village has adjusted fines for parking violations for the first time in over a decade, in order to overcome a persistent parking authority budget deficit. Most importantly, the initial fine for basic meter violation is increasing from $15 to $25. Late payments for all types of violations result in increased fines. Besides the meter violation fine, all other fines (parking in a loading zone, fire zone, etc.) remain unchanged for the initial fine, but the late payment fines are increased, the intention being to incentivize on-time payment of the initial fine. Parking rules enforcement is essential to creating turnover in parking spaces, and therefore access to parking for those who need it, in addition to protecting traffic and pedestrian safety.

Monthly Parking Permit Fee Revised effective January 2023

The Village has adjusted Monthly Permit Parking Fees for the first time in over a decade, in order to overcome a persistent parking authority budget deficit.


Old Monthly Permit Fee

New Monthly Permit Fee

Permit Parking Village/Artopee Lot



Permit Parking Spear Street Lot



Permit Parking Catherine Street Lot